Our Concept

ImmoVario - Spanish property portal


ImmoVario is a property portal with second residential property for sale, offered by real estate agents in touristic areas of Spain. We join the forces of the real estate suppliers by offering their listings in a clear and easy manner though the internet.

Our partners are professional service providers in the area of real estate and its accompanying facets in the area of sale and purchase.

Their listings are presented completely and pleasantly on the website www.immovario.com. It also allows for easy and direct contact between suppliers and potential customers.

Language barriers are broken by presentation of the listings in several different languages.

Our partners’ listings are optimally brought to the attention of an international target group on the internet.

We attract potential clients for the listings of our partners by generating traffic on ImmoVario.com via organic and paid search results from major search engines in more than 30 European countries, mostly in the native languages of those countries as well. Besides this we also provide leads via other forms of online marketing, like e-mail marketing (newsletters, property search alerts) and social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, …).

Also want to become an ImmoVario partner? If you want to contact us you can do so by using E-mail [email protected] or WhatsApp .











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